Welcome to the LYTE Lounge

A community center for young people experiencing poverty and homelessness where LYTE will provide safe space, critical resources and holistic support. At LYTE Collective, we believe in building enduring relationships and investing deeply in every young person we meet.

And we will do just that at the LYTE Lounge.


LYTE recently purchased a property in Greater Grand Crossing that will become the future home of the LYTE Lounge. It is a truly wonderful space that will be perfect for our programming but it is in need of approximately $1 million in renovations before we are able to open our doors. We are also working to raise the funds we will need for our first three years of operating costs right now because we believe it is critical that we are able to devote as much of our time as possible to supporting young people once those doors are open.
Recreation Activities

Recreation programming will be the center of all services provided at the Lounge. Opportunities for activities like creative arts, music, sports and dance are essential for young people, supporting identity formation, skill-building, leadership, connectedness, self-esteem, and healing all while providing safe activities and places for youth to be.

Employment Support

At the Lounge, young people will learn key skills in obtaining and retaining employment. To help secure job opportunities, LYTE staff are currently developing relationships with employers throughout the city and will also hire youth for a range of staff positions within the organization.


Recreation Activities: Recording studio, gymnasium, performance stage, art and music classes, creative writing and poetry workshops, yoga, dance.
Employment Support: individual and group employment counseling, career speaker series, professional mentorship, business center
Education Support: Computer lab, individual and group tutoring sessions, structured classes, assistance with scholarships and financial aid, advocacy within school systems
Basic Needs: connection to housing, storage, meals, showers, laundry, clothing, hygiene products, safer sex supplies, transportation assistance, physical and mental health services, legal assistance.

Education Support

LYTE Collective will support young people as they pursue education goals that will increase, over the long-term, their potential for economic stability and personal fulfillment of their dreams. Education programming at the Lounge will include assistance with adult basic education, literacy, high school enrollment, GED completion, and college admission.

Basic Needs

While young people are visiting the Lounge, they will have access to meals, showers, laundry and more. The Lounge will always be staffed by clinically-trained professionals available to connect youth to safe housing and provide mental health support, and community providers will regularly be onsite to provide physical health services and legal assistance.

The LYTE Lounge is proud to carry on the important work of the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative (CYSI) and will have over 200 units of diverse storage for youth to meet both daily and long-term needs. Check out more about the incredible work of CYSI here. A storage toolkit for organizations serving youth experiencing housing instability coming soon!