October 3, 2018

LYTE Collective has reached our goal of raising $500,000 to meet the Knight Family Foundation Challenge Grant!

About the Challenge: In 2017, Becky and Lester Knight of The Knight Family Foundation pledged a $500,000 challenge grant to launch the Turn on the LYTE Campaign, an initiative to…

September 20, 2018

The LYTE Collective on WBEZ Chicago Morning Edition

WBEZ’s Natalie Moore introduces LYTE Collective to Chicago on Morning Edition! Good Morning, Chicago!  

Chicago Youth Storage Initiative
September 20, 2018

Chicago Youth Storage Initiative Celebrates Success

So grateful for the brilliant work of Megan and all of our friends at the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative who brought safe, secure storage options to over 1000 young people!…

Chicago Youth Storage Initiative
August 5, 2018

Chicago Youth Storage Initiative

The incomparable Tracy Baim— journalist, editor, publisher, activist and dear friend to LYTE— shares the story of the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative. READ MORE

August 2, 2018

Bright Promises Award Recipients

Casey won an award!! (it was a long time ago…we really wish she would stop talking about it already). Bright Promises Foundation checks in to see what Casey and the…

August 3, 2017

The Knight Family Foundation Challenge Grant

The Knight Family Foundation pledges a $500,000 challenge grant to open the LYTE Lounge! READ MORE