If you are currently homeless and need help in Chicago a list of emergency shelters, daytime drop-in centers where you can get support and much more can be found in this resource guide. Call ahead as hours and locations may change.

StreetLight Chicago

The StreetLight Chicago phone app is also a great way to get up-to-date info on shelters and other emergency support.

Are you a young adult and struggling to find a safe place to stay, having a hard time getting basic items like food, want to enroll in school or find a job, or are just having a difficult time and want to talk to someone?

We are here to listen and to help!

  • You don’t need a referral
  • You don’t need to bring any documents
  • Just send us a note about how we can help!

We can support you with things like:

  • Connecting to basic needs such as food, showers, laundry and shelter
  • Getting your personal documents such as your state ID, birth certificate, and social security card
  • Applying for LINK, WIC and TANF
  • Finding a doctor and applying for health insurance
  • Helping you find a counselor, therapist or other mental health support
  • Enrolling in high school or college
  • Applying for a job or enrolling in a job training program
  • Connecting to fun activities in art, sports, music and other areas that interest you
  • And much, much more!

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