How Mobile Support Can Help

We invest deeply in young people through an approach that is youth-led and research driven where basic needs are met while we also provide the opportunities and relationships young people deserve to heal, to dream, and to explore themselves and the world around them.


Through LYTE’s mobile support program, we go directly to young people wherever they need us to provide support however we can.

If you or someone you know could use support, reach out, here


Securing safe housing

Meeting basic needs

such as food, transportation and clothing

Enrolling and protecting

student’s rights within high schools and colleges

Gaining employment and increasing income

Accessing public benefits

Accessing physical and mental health resources

Connecting to childcare resources

Connecting to legal services


two-bedroom apartments


percent rent subsidized


years (or more!) of support

How Lytehouse Apartments work

Our six two-bedroom apartments located across Chicago serve both parenting and non-parenting youth (parenting youth have their own apartment and single youth share with one roommate). Young people living in Lytehouse apartments are provided with 100% rent and utility subsidy and holistic support services for at least two years.

Our apartments are currently full, however if you would like to learn more about the program and/or talk with a LYTE team member about getting on the waitlist,

reach out to us here


LYTE purchased a property in Greater Grand Crossing that will become the future home of the LYTE Lounge.

It is a truly wonderful space that will be perfect for our programming but at nearly 100 years old and vacant for some years, it is in need of approximately $1.6 million in renovations before we are able to open our doors. We have raised $1.2M to date and construction is now underway. Help us find donated materials or donate directly below and help us cross the finish line!

Recreation Activities

Recreation programming will be the center of all services provided at the Lounge. Opportunities for activities like creative arts, music, sports and dance are essential for young people, supporting identity formation, skill-building, leadership, connectedness, self-esteem, and healing all while providing safe activities and places for youth to be.

Employment Support

At the Lounge, we will support young people with gaining employment, increasing their income, and protecting their rights in their workplace. To help secure job opportunities, LYTE staff work to build relationships with employers throughout the city and also hire youth for a range of staff positions within the organization.

Education Support

LYTE Collective will support young people as they pursue education goals that will increase, over the long-term, their potential for economic stability and personal fulfillment of their dreams. Education programming at the Lounge will include assistance with adult basic education, literacy, high school enrollment, GED completion, and college admission.

Basic Needs

While young people are visiting the Lounge, they will have access to meals, showers, laundry and more. The Lounge will always be staffed by clinically-trained professionals available to connect youth to safe housing and provide mental health support, and community providers will regularly be onsite to provide physical health services and legal assistance.

Be a part of  building the Lyte Lounge

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